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Customer Testimonials:


Thanks to all of our fine customers for the kind words, without you we are nothing.




Hi Dion,
Thank you very much for your e-mail.
It was my pleasure attending the course and joining very experienced and professional Dive Source Scuba team.
I am impressed by professional approach and attention to detail by Dive Source PADI Instructors Christine and Julie.  Furthermore your store technician provided very valuable information of scuba equipment and consideration for this type of diving, and he was at the site to provide all necessary assistance and technical help.  I am glad to say that your operations and procedures in PADI training are a step ahead of other major scuba centers in GTA.
Yours Sincerely,

To Brian and the Dive Source team,

I decided to start Scuba in February 2011. I almost signed up for the open water course in Jamaica, but I am so glad I did not. A friend referred me to Dive Source and I have not looked back from since.

The Instructors and Dive Masters are excellent and are passionate about ensuring all students learn the skills and techniques necessary, as well as making the courses safe,  fun and engaging.

After passing my open water in July, DM's from Dive Source reached out for local dives and helped me gain experience. Based upon my experience I quickly went onto advanced and rescue by September, as well as a number of specialities. All courses and DM's were excellent, taking the time for both individual and group instruction.

I like to get a deal and shop around, but I have bought all my scuba equipment from dive source. The prices were great and the time spent by the dive source team on ensuring I got the right equipment, giving tips and advice and after sales service was outstanding.

Within one year thanks to the Dive Source team I made Master Scuba Diver. Achieving this was great, but the knowledge learned and advice given by the dive source team to make sure I am as safer diver as I can be, is much more valuable.

Thanks again for over a year of great diving and I look to many more.

Martin Oughton


Hi Rob:

The final consensus from all the parents was more than extremely enthusiastic.  Everyone was so pleased with the completeness of the SCUBA introduction and the expertise you and Jeremy provided.  We all thank you for providing our children with such a wonderful experience that has inspired our kids to thirst for more.  Now as far as the kids reaction, the next day they went to Canada's Wonderland and the "Behemoth" was the only ride that came close to their SCUBA fun. The begging for equipment has begun and the certification process I am sure will soon begin.  So all in all an absolutely wonderful experience that I hope many more kids will experience with you and Jeremy, and a new backyard pool trend will begin.

Many thanks

Wayne Welsh



HI Brian et al,

I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ to the gang at Dive Source for all your help and encouragement this year while I was getting back into diving.

To a person, I have found the staff and instructors friendly, professional and always willing to lend a hand with the smallest question or problem. As an educator, I found the training courses to be top notch and I would recommend them to anyone. I especially recommend the Rescue Diver course for divers who want to gain confidence in their abilities, and the Equipment Specialist Course for anyone who cares about their equipment (which should be everyone!).  I kicked off the year with the Advanced Diver course, which I really enjoyed and I look forward to getting the benefit of the Nitrox course I recently attended.  Besides the courses being very informative, they were also fun, which is a mark of good instructing.

In all, it has been a great year, and I look forward to my next dive.

Again, many thanks! Ed Waller


Hi Brian,
I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank you to you and your instructors at Dive Source.  My experience doing the first part of my diving life was nothing short of excellent.
The instructors were patient, helpful and professional in their work, they made my first steps easy.  Even when I was struggling and making mistakes the instructors would smile and give a word of encouragement and advice (which always worked) This first part of the course was fantastic. My introduction to the diving world couldn't have been better.
I look forward to the open water in May.
John Seeley


Hey Brian,

As much as it breaks my heart to even think about it the dive season is winding down for me and I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for helping this season be one of the greatest dive seasons I have ever had.

I made a ton of new friends and met lots of new faces and spent even more money! The advice, knowledge and support I have had from the Dive Source team this season has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have no idea what I would have ever done if you folks weren't around but I am very grateful for all that you and your staff have done for me this season. I'm sure I have been a quite a pain at times but everyone seems to put up with me for some reason or another. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for everything and I really hope I am able to continue having dive seasons like this one.



Hey Guy's Me Again

Maybe you will and maybe you won't think I am crazy. Maybe you think I am just a guy like you all who loves scuba.  It's about 12 am and I can't sleep. I am feeling like a kid on Christmas day here and why?  I just spent the better part of my day today buying and getting my scuba gear all in order for the classes about to start next week.

I was in the store today talking with Brian about what gear I wanted, asking a million questions and running all over the store like a kid in a candy shop, I smiled and told him, " I've been all over your site (divesource.com) like stink to a monkey".  I know what I want.  I can't say enough about not only the great deal and service I have received, but how the staff can see just how much this means to me. The honest thoughfullness and spearheaded knowledge is why I came to Dive Source in the first place. I read Brians post on the site about his becoming a scuba diver and I must say, we share so many  instowed reflections.

As long as I can remember I always had a passion for motorcycles, drums and scuba diving. I have had lot's of bikes and still ride.  I am a serious drummer, who in a band once played a show for 6500 people.  So you can say I almost did it all.  There is just one thing missing, and here I am.  I too as a child watched and read anything about the underwater world.  Jacques Cousteu was never missed, even if going to my friends house to watch it  when hockey was on, sorry guys.  We had the " Man from Atlantis"  T.V. show.  Thinking about how corny It is now, I was  glued to the T.V. every week.  There was just something about being under water, another world with so much to see.  I love all the deep sea hunter shows, and pictures of wrecks.  I had to do it.  When I was 23 I decided to do it!  I am going to take the classes, get my ticket and be a diver.  I went and signed up for the course, but as life would be for a family man and pipeline worker, I never finished the course.  life just seemed to get so busy and summers were always the busiest times for work I never had much time for my family nor my love of scuba.

Now 17 years later I am back with a vengence.  Today I bought my baby, a zeagle stiletto bcd, aqualung legend glacia regulator and matching octo as well as the suunto cobra dive computer.  Oops guess I forgot to mention I was in the store last night to get my wet suit, boots, snorkel, mask and fins. The best part of this is, this weekend is my wedding anniversary, the gear and opportunity to fullfil my dream is a gift from my wife.  She see's the smiles and knows what it means to me.  Plus she doesn`t have to hear me smashing on the drums.  What a wife huh!  So all in all I may seem a little excited but hell ya, I've got the best of both worlds right now.  My wife and scuba ( insert word wife before scuba)... wheww close one.

I guess the reason for my rant is to say thanks guys.  The staff at Dive Source are just so awesome.  You guys have made this dream so real and I havent even been in the water yet.  If there is anyone out there with the dream of scuba diving and has not yet fullfilled that dream, I say this!  WHAT THE HELL YOU WAITTING FOR!  Let the staff at Dive Source rekindle that dream and make it reality.  You like me will not regret comming to the store. It does not get any better than this!

Thanks to you all at Dive Source, you guys ROCK!

See You Soon




I'm sending you a note re: my experience with other shops during my recent trip to Florida .

While there I visited 8 different shops looking for deals, or unique items but in the end I was pretty dissapointed to see most stores appeared to be (imho) suffering from over-competition for the same market.

Most were one product brand stores stocking limited lower-priced offerings, and no-name accessories.  The large Walmart-like Diver Direct store had lots of selection, but of non main-line brands, and even to my untrained eye, of obvious lower quality.

Dropping in yesterday to Dive Source to pickup my latest C-card, I realized we have a gem in the local area, with your store carrying quality brands, and actually stocking high end items.  That you have lots of airfill capacity and have EANx available is yet another bonus.

I also found you to be competitive in your prices. (now don't let it get go your head - lol!)

Finally during my trip I found that getting good advice was difficult to find .  Trying on a couple 3 mil wetsuits, one place told me that it looked good on me. Who was he kidding - I don't look good in any wet suit - lol!  I wanted to see if it fit right.

Anyways, I didn't get the the kind of knowlegable sales staff anywhere I'd visited,  as I have at Dive Source.


Again - thanks for doing it right. - Russ Moir


  • "I have to commend your store on the quality of the sales staff that are there. I must have called your store almost a dozen times one day becasue I was not sure where I was going. Brian and Carl were great with helping me find my way. Within the week I was in you establishment a few times and was thrilled everytime I was there. Both Brian and Carl were helpful when it came to finding the right bag to serve my needs. It was nice to find a store that did not try to sell me something that I really did not need just to make a sale.


    I was so thrilled that I came out again a few days later because of the wonderful tank sale that you have going on. I was not sure that owning one was for me but the price made the decision. I Can't wait to use my new yellow tank on Sunday. People will no doubt se me swimming by

    Your store and the sales staff there sure did make the drive to Oshawa worth it. I look forward to doing business with you establishment again, and again in the future. I will have to thank my friend for referring you to me. If it was not for him I would never have known that this store was around. I will also refer you guys to anyone who wants great prices and fantastic customer service.

    Sincerely a very satisfied customer - Ashley Risen"


  • "The quality of service so far has been great -- lots of great information passed on to me and you guys really take the time with your customers. Kudos! "


  • "Your service was great very friendly and helpfull and your rental gear is the best around."



  • "Your friendly outgoing staff make the drive from the Quinte area worth the trip."



  • " The equipment I bought was great and it came to me when you said it would. Good experience!"



  • "There's not much you can do better unless you open a store closer to me ;). Your prices are some of the best around the GTA."



  • "A quick note to let you know that I received my package yesterday. Thank you very much for you prompt service. My husband tried it on it fit perfectly!. I will not hesitate to reccomend you to anybody. Thanks again - A. Kaposy"



  • "Just wanted to say that Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed the Scuba Course with Dan Vale and all of your instructors in the pool. Everybody was professional and fun to learn with. It made November go very fast and I am going to miss the Sunday afternoon classes and pool time and time at the Gryphon Pub after. I just wanted to say Thank you very much.


    Keep up the good work. See you in the summer for our Open Dives. Thanks - Susan & Brian Ross"


  • "I liked the nitrox course, I'm looking forward to lots of diving this year and to follow up with the advanced nitrox/deco course. I enjoy the atmosphere at DiveSource, my area suffers from small town mentalities. I actually got lectured once because my backplate didn't have pockets. I don't mind making the drive to Whitby for training and gear sales. - Mr. C"



  • Hi Brian: Thank you once again for your fine customer service, this means so much to me as I am in a customer service based business and I strive very hard at doing my very best for them. I recieved my new strobe light at 12:50 today and I have already test fired it, it works perfectly. I look forward to doing business with you in the future for more of my diving needs.


    A sincere thank you to you Kevin as well, you have a great sales representative for your product in our area and I am looking forward to using my new camera in Cancun next week. - Sandy Kriter - Cayuga, ON


  • When my dive buddy & I decided to purchase our own diving gear we did a bit of checking; as you can well imagine, purchasing for two can be costly (I did't wish to hear my credit card company sing out "cha-ching"!).


    We were surprised to find a local dive shop in town, you guys at Dive Source offered up a great sale. The complete Scuba Packages we purchased was a lot less in price than other places we had checked. We also found your customer service to be top-notch. After purchasing my wetsuit and finding problems with my sizing.

    Dive Source really came through re-ordering various sizes and lending me a rental for my certification until mine came in. During our certification other new divers were asking us about our gear and prices, and we were more than happy to brag!! Thanks, especially for letting me mismatch the sizes from your new stock for a better fit. Now that's customer service!!!

    I must also commend you Brian on your friendly and knowable staff such as, Karl, who spent time giving us tips and answering questions about our new gear that only newbies like us would ask.

    Thanks again Dive Source. Regards - Sharaine Kent

  • Hi Brian, Rob and the other folks at Dive Source! Just a note from a very satisfied customer! I guess you folks hear a lot about Customer Service, how important it is, and I’m going to tell you how you just aced Best Dive store of the Golden Horse Shoe as far as I’m concerned.I received my replacement Suunto Gecko last week, and I’m happy as punch.The circumstances around my Suunto could have easily gone the other way:My dive computer failed and in the process of evaluating the problem and resolving it, I was without a computer all summer.Instead I’m writing you to tell you how happy I am, with Dive Source and Suunto.I just wish I lived closer to the store so I could come in more often.For me it was the regular communication that really helped, Rob kept me advised along the way with updates and answered all my questions.  Awesome! Next Suunto restored most of my faith in my computer. I always knew there was a chance it might fail, after all they talk about fallibility in all the text books.  I do have back up in having a SPG, but you hope your computer will work 99.9 percent. Now knowing this is a different model – I feel reassured that my odds are better again. A big vote of thanks!

  • Although I teach for another organization, I will have to say that, that your free photography seminar was one of the best seminars that I have been too. In fact, it is probably better, and more informative that some of the paid classes I have attended. Please forward our appreciation to your presenters, for their time, passion, and effort in the class.

    Also let us know about the Photography course in March. I am certified to teach the PADI photography course, but my wife would like to learn more about photography from Warren, go figure...lol.... Thanks again, for a great night.  - R & C

  • In early January we came into Dive Source and met Rob, Store Manager.  He took the time to find out our requirements and our price range.  Rob even mixed and matched the packages to suit our needs.  We purchased fins which fit us perfectly and outfitted with masks which provided a good seal around our face. Probably the most important reason for purchasing especially the snorkel is that other people have not put their mouth on that same mouthpiece. Now that we have returned from our vacation where the equipment was well used, we are not only pleased with the equipment we purchased from Dive Source but for the expertise and sales experience Rob provided.  There was never a hard sell.  We definitely will be returning to Dive Source.  It pays to go to the professionals.

  • Willie & Donna Woo - Newcastle, Ontario