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 The Dive Zone is the name of our shop's dive club and is open to all divers be they new or experienced.  

We have planned local dives and events throughout the year as well as dive trips to far away locations. It is a great way to meet new dive buddies and gain experience under the supervision of our Dive Masters and Instructors who are there to help make you a better diver...and have some fun!

DIVE ZONE Membership Cost: 

DIVE ZONE Membership is $49.99 and Includes:
  • Access to supervised free or low-cost local shore dives and dive charters as well as trips to out of country locations.
  • Discounts on air fill and rentals all year long!
  • Access to the Dive Zone Members Facebook group where you can chat/post to other Dive Zone members and plan dives yourself, ask questions etc..
  • Member only seminars, clinics and discounted pool nights
  • 2020 - 2021 MEMBERSHIPS: If you buy a Dive Zone membership in the last 2 months of this Year,  it is valid through the end of next year.

General Club Info:

Membership term: One Calendar year running Jan. 1 - Dec. 31

Club Management: The club is managed and ran by Dive Source with some volunteers from the club membership. Member input is encouraged and welcomed on dive locations, events and activities.

Communication:  Dive Zone dives and events are listed here on the Dive Club page of our website, posted in the store and also communicated through the Dive Source email newsletter and the members-only Dive Source Dive Zone Facebook group.

How to join in on a dive: Dive Zone members can sign up for as many dives as they want BELOW! Just press the shopping cart icon, fill out the details and pay!  If you need rental gear, indicate what you need in the sign-up form. 

How to Join THE CLUB: 

1. Fill out our Online Membership Form HERE

2. Purchase your Dive Zone Membership in our Online Store Here! OR come into the store to pay. 

Final Word About Dive Clubs:  

As Dive Zone has grown, so has our membership with over 200 members as well as merging with the Durham Divers scuba club. Diving with a club of experienced divers and Dive Masters on dives is a great way get more experience.. if not Dive Zone, then find a club in your area that meets your needs and GO, DIVE!

Other Excellent Dive Clubs in the Southern Ontario area include:

The Ajax Scuba Club , Scarborough Underwater Club (SUCI), Ontario Underwater Explorers (OUE), Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers, Etobicoke Underwater Club Inc. (EUC), Niagara Divers' Association (NDA), Hart House Underwater Club, Canadian Sub Aqua Club (CANSAC), South Western Ontario Divers Association (SWODA), Aqua Knights of Hamilton, Steel City Sport Diver and The Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) is a great resource to find a club near you.

You must be a Dive Zone Member to sign up for our club dives.... but our Dive Zone Facebook forum is open to all divers to join should you just want to get a feel for the group first - Click here to reach our Facebook Forum.