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TEC TRIMIX DIVER For the extreme diver ready to further explore the world of technical deep diving.

As a TecTrimix65 diver this course will teach you to extend your diving depth and time limits to the outer realm of deeper, more pristine, and less travelled dive sites as deep as 100m/300ft.

At this level, heavier emphasis is placed on gas selection, preparation, safety protocols, backup-safety systems, and emergency procedures.

This course can be undertaken in conjunction with the PADI TecTrimix65 Diver course or as a standalone program.


In this course you will learn to:

  • Plan and execute advanced trimix dives to 100m/300ft and beyond

  • Plan and calculate gas, decompression, and safety margin requirements for advanced trimix dives

  • Carry and use up to 4 travel/decompression/stage cylinders

  • Emergency procedures


Equipment you will use:

  • Double back mounted tanks with standard technical configuration or sidemount configuration

  • At least one trimix mulitgas decompression dive computer

  • Up to 4 stage/decompression/travel cylinders



  • Tec50 or TecTrimix65

  • A signed medical form within the last 12 months 

Number of dives: 3-8

Ask a TecRec Expert when you can start your Trmiix adventure to 100m and beyond!