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TEC TRIMIX 65 Go past TecDeep with Trimix!

Expand on your Tec50 skills and extend your depth range safely with the use of Trimix.

This course is designed for divers who want to explore past the safe diving depth limits of air or nitrox. TecTrimix65 introduces you to the use of helium based mixes and teaches you to use them down to a depth of 210ft/65m. This course contains self study material, academic/classroom based instruction as well as 4 open water dives.


In the course you will learn:

  • How to select and use helium based gasses for an appropriate END.

  • To plan and execute trimix decompression dives to 210ft./65m

  • Select and use 2 appropriate EANx decompression mixes.

  • Emergency procedures


Equipment you will use:

  • Double backmounted cylinders in technical configuration or sidemount configuration

  • 2 stage/decompression cylinders

  • Trimix multigas computer with backup depth/timing device.


Number of dives: minimum 4

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