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TEC 50 The third and final step of the PADI TecDeep Program

The third and final course in the PADI TecDeep program, Tec50 will teach you to dive to 165ft./50m using up to 2 gasses for accelerated decompression. This course opens the door to deeper, more challenging diving expeditions.

This course contains self study material, academic/classroom based instruction as well as 4 open water dives.


What you’ll learn:

  • To plan dives considering best gasses, decompression requirements, gas requirements, CNS limits, and OTU’s, while accommodating safety margins

  • conduct safe decompression dives to 165ft./50m

  • Use up to 2 stage/deco cylinders with EANx or oxygen for accelerated decompression.

Required Equipment:

  • Standard technical diving equipment with double cylinders or sidemount configuration.

  • 2 stage/decompression cylinders


  • PADI Tec45 or equivalent

  • Minimum 100 logged dives

  • Minimum 20 nitrox dives

  • Minimum 15 dives deeper than 100ft./30m

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have a signed medical


 Questions? Ask a TecRec expert when you can start your PADI Tec50 course!