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This PADI distinctive specialty is designed for the diver who dives within theTec45 or Tec50 depth limits but wishes to use light trimix blends to reduce narcotic effects due to higher workload, colder water, or other conditions that require a reduced END. As the name implies, TecTmx45/50 is conducted within the 45m/145ft or 50m/165ft depth limitations.

BONUS! Both dives count towards the PADI TecTrimix65 Diver course.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Plan and execute technical decompression dives to 45-50m 

  • Use up to 20% helium based gas blends to decrease equivalent narcotic depths


Equipment you will use:

  • Double tanks in standard technical configuration or sidemount configuration

  • Up to 2 stage/decompression tanks

  • At least one trimix multi gas dive computer

Required materials:

  • PADI TecDeep Manual

  • PADI TecTrimix Manual

Number of dives:2